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      Runxin Chem

      Heze Runxin Bio-technology Co.,Ltd, was established in September, 2002, specializing in the manufacturing of Industrial bactericides, Pharmaceutical intermediates and series products. The company, consisted of eastern and western and south region in the Runxin Industrial Zone which occupies a total area of 500000 square meters, is provided with superior location and convenient transportation..   
      Relying on the completed Quality Control System, continuous Technical Innovation, first class technology and professional equipments, Runxin keeps providing high quality products and best service. We have passed through the ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certificate in the year 2005. 

      Insisting on the management philosophy ‘ To be an outstanding material supplier’ and ‘Better than the Best’, our products are competitive in the market, and obtain recognition and high reputation from all customers home and abroad. .
      We sincerely hope to cooperate with friends all over the world, to provide first-class products and service, and to be your competent partner and alliance.  

      Utilizing our well-equipped up-to-date production lines along with the strict enforcement of our high standard quality control systems and leading inspection facilities (GC, LC), we take great pride in that we have been producing the quality, satisfaction-guaranteed products at a highly competitive price.

      As an import/export licensed company, Runxin is aiming to be an outstanding material supplier. Runxin now is striving to offer our customers high quality products and excellent service, we are working for your satisfactions.

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      Welcome to Heze Runxin Bio-technology Co.,Ltd.